Developed this really slick, internal website where I use a ton of AJAX calls to constantly load next-steps into the browser.  I’m using this as a way to make the screen much easier to use — instead of a large number of form-fields to fill out, the user is only given what is needed right-now, then, given what’s needed next in a contextually relevant way (thereby not even having/displaying fields that are irrelevant to the circumstance).

And then I tried it all in IE.  Ugh.  Finally got it to work (CSS hacks and all), only to have formatted text have its tags stripped.  Instead of having a heading-line followed by an unordered list, I got plain text.  PLAIN text.  Grrr. Read the rest of this entry »


I was introduced to the screen command by Ian Maddox of Seattle PHP Users Group / Meetup Group fame (Ian’s Profile). I started using it for two purposes, both having everything to do with disconnecting from the ‘session’: (1) for long-running tasks where I wanted to go do something else (ex. massive file copying) and (2) whilst on my mobile phone wherein I had no confidence I would keep my connection while doing, well, massive file copying (I guess that makes this one reason!).

I quickly mastered Ctrl-A d (detach)

But now I want to reattach to a session (from the command prompt: screen -r) AND scroll-back. Read the rest of this entry »


Quite simply, a great post on creating a basic yet highly usable/functioning ICS file in PHP.  The result is a ‘please download or pick a program that can open this file’ dialog. Read the rest of this entry »

Problem: I cannot see hidden files (files that start with a period) in anything GUI in Mac OSX Lion (10.7).  Command line, no problem (heck, I even made an alias for ‘l’ = ‘ls -la’ because I use it constantly).  But no-luck in Finder nor any popped-up file-browser.

Story: I was wanting to email a copy of my .bash_profile file as an archive Read the rest of this entry »

I created a really fun form at work that has all kinds of AJAX and HTML5 goodness… but as soon as the user hits ‘enter’, the form is submitted.  Arg.  I want them to click the Submit button ’cause I got more JavaScript fun happening there.  Problem: How to make the Enter button not submit a form?
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