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Problem: Passwords are getting ‘stolen’ even faster than they are (used to be) guessed.  By ‘stolen’ I mean taken, en mass, from some site (cf. the Sony fiasco some years ago).  This actual happens all the time – usually unreported because what doctor’s office has intrusion detection on their in-house network?!?  So here’s a way to make an easy-to-remember, strong password that is unique to every website you’ll visit. (more…)


I’m a VERY glad and proud user of LastPass (  I would buy the $12/year (yes, per YEAR!) subscription even if I only needed the free features.  And I have Steve Gibson (, the genius!, to thank for turning me on to LastPass: not only its functionality, but its security also.

So when I typed “” into my address bar yesterday (September 14, 2011), I was not met with my list o’ accounts in my LastPass bar like always.  I had no accounts listed.  Crud.  (more…)