This site is my ‘dissection journal’ — a chronicling of when I discover something new about programming, the web, music, electronics, physics, etc.

Web/IT — Not quite a pro at PHP, I prefer Linux (openSUSE and Ubuntu), and a LAMP stack (although my company-bought laptop is Windowsbut I develop on an Ubuntu VirtualBox vm).  I use Netbeans as an IDE and Subversion for version control.  I now use PHPStorm as an IDE and Git for version control.  My (last) company-bought laptop is now was a Mac, so I’m now working in Linux, Windows, and Mac.
— I’m not great with Apache / .htaccess, I barely got outgoing mail to work on my Ubuntu box (not even sure why it works).  I am medium- pleasantly-skilled at OOP and pretty new to happy with Design Patterns.
++ I AM was, however, an assistant organizer and often emcee + administrator and/or face of the Seattle PHP Meetup Group, a once-a-month meetup of Seattle-based PHPers (or at least for PHP dev.s when they’re in Seattle… we get some from England, other states, even a guy from Argentina when they’re in town).  I moved to Denver in the summer of 2014 so I am no longer an organizer of that group.  Instead, Ian Maddox (long-time organizer) and Jeremy Lindblom (who kind’a took my spot) ?? have taken that group ‘to the next level’!  I’m still on the mailing list and I often drool over what they’re doing with that group!!

Music — I like most any  music that involves talent, some non-talented music if it’s got good energy.  I play guitar (and by extension, bass) and keyboard.  I’d say ‘piano’ except I don’t read sheet-music – I play by chords (I learned keys from a guitar player).  I like jazz because it’s intricate, I like Toto/Lukather because of the complexity, I like latin-rock-jazz because of the incredible interplay of notes, rhythm, and modes.  And I like VanHalen, Satriani, and trance.  And new to me in 2015, I’m amazed by Snarky Puppy!  Throw in some Bill Laurance and I’ve got a good 24 hours-straight of amazing musicianship! I so love that these folks (Snarky Puppy, Bill Laurance, etc.) are putting everything they do on YouTube – amazing to watch them work.

My son is looking to get into robotics (Arduino, etc.) as a way to move on from Legos (ha!).  And now I (more than him) am enjoying the fun of the Raspberry Pi.

picture of David Malouf

David Malouf

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