Creating iCalendar/ICS files on-the-fly in PHP — a link

Posted: 2012/06/21 in PHP


Quite simply, a great post on creating a basic yet highly usable/functioning ICS file in PHP.  The result is a ‘please download or pick a program that can open this file’ dialog.

As I noted in the original post’s comments, the full documentation for iCalendar (as of now – 2012 June) is at

In particular, I added a ‘LOCATION:blah blah blah’ line.

Plus, I’m rather jealous of the domain name “” — my last name precludes me from having an easy-say-and-remember domain name that is also my given name.  Still looking for that perfect domain name… 🙂

  1. Dave says:

    Thanks for sharing this David.

    You could always go with or similar its hard finding a good domain name even harder finding one that available!

  2. Dave says:

    btw your twitter button doesn’t work.

    • Dave,

      1) I am on the lookout for a URL that requires almost ZERO knowledge of how a word is spelled as I have a small but noticeable population of friends/associates for whom English is not their primary/first language. I fear the word “dissection” is too ‘irregular’ (I’m coming to the conclusion that current English has no ‘regular’ spellings — everything is irregular!!!). I so wish I had been more ‘aware’ of how I would eventually want a domain name… back in the 90s!

      2) re: “your twitter button doesn’t work” – are you referring to the ‘Share this:’ Twitter button or some other Twitter button?

      Thanks again for your post!
      David (the other one)

  3. Vivek says:

    How to create an ical for update event
    Should I use METHOD : request ?

    Its not working for me

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