Google Command Line fun – how to get all accounts authorized

Posted: 2010/06/24 in Linux

Google has put out a set of Python scripts that provide fun access to various Google services (Blogger, Calendar, Contacts, Docs, Picasa, and YouTube).  Adam Pash over at (one of my favorite sites), put together some great ideas on how to use this set of  hacks/tricks at:

Before I  can use any of these services, I need to (self)authorize.  Google has done an exceptional job at making this really, really easy.  The first time I attempted to get at a service, a message displayed telling me to go to a particular web page and authorize… my browser just came up with the link already ‘loaded’.  I hit ‘authorize’ and I’m done.

So I came across a simple idea to get all accounts authorized quickly. Start with the first service you use (the above list is in alphabetical order).    So let’s pretend you use all the services as I do.  This ‘trick’ has 2 parts.  First, simply use the ‘list’ command (no need to create, delete, etc.).  Second, don’t close your browser once you have authorized the first service.  It works like this…

google blogger list

This will ask for a username: typically your Gmail account without the part.  This will then open your browser wherein you sign-in.  Then click the ‘grant access’ button.  Now leave your browser open (minimized is fine).  Go back to the command line and press Enter (per the instructions).  In a few moments, a list of Blogger posts will appear.  Yeah.

Now go through each of the other services {Calendar Contacts Docs Picasa YouTube} and do the same thing like

google calendar list

Because the browser is still open, your Google login credentials will still be active.  You’ll simply be presented with a ‘grant access’ button, go back to the command line, press Enter…

Once done with the list, you’ll have quick-and-easy access to do the tricks Adam and others recommend – super easy!

By the way, sometimes it takes longer than expected (to me) for data to show up.  For all that’s actually going on, I should be more patient — but I’m a bit of a rusher!

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